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Aromatherapy Associates Aroma Radiance Lift Facials

By stimulating the body's own natural bio-electric pulses through low level and gentle micro currents that will not only help deliver active ingredients deeper into the skin, enabling the products to work more effectively, but also visibly lift, even skin tone, smooth texture and illuminate your complexion.

Please not that these facials are machine-based.

Rose Infinity ARL Facial Treatment

Time/Price: 80 minutes - £130

Achieve instant, long lasting results that noticeably lift, tone & firm the skin,leaving you with a flawless, healthy & younger looking complexion. This facial harnesses the most advanced, natural ingredients, with cutting edge technology to reveal younger looking skin & a radiant complexion.

Aroma Lift Facial

Time/Price: 50 minutes - £99

For those concerned with the first signs of aging: a lack of elasticity, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and a diminishing radiance and luminosity. For when you need visible and instant results.

The results are lifted and toned facial muscles, smoothing of fine lines and replumped skin for a glowing and radiant complexion.

Ultimate Aroma Radiance Facial

Time/Price: 80 minutes - £120

The ultimate treatment, combining Aroma Lift and Aroma Clear. For those concerned with skin that is dull, tired and lacking tone and elasticity. For results that are immediate and visible. Your skin will be deeply cleansed, lifted and toned while fine lines are plumped out giving you natural glowing, healthy and radiant skin.

The results of the Ultimate Radiance Facial is supremely nourished, hydrated skin with a visible lifting and toning of the facial muscles.

Aroma Clear Facial

Time/Price: 50 minutes - £99

For those needing a deep and effective cleanse that cannot be achieved with products alone. This facial is recommended to maintain super clear skin and pores and is also perfect for problematic skin.

The results are a clear, clean and bright complexion, full of health and vitality.

Men's Refinery Power Lift Facial

Time/Price: 80 minutes - £120

A thorough & results-driven facial utilising "galvanic & micro-current" to increase the power of the active products & stimulate the skin at the deepest level. Facial muscles are lifted & toned & skin is boosted & hydrated, smoothing fine lines & wrinkles. A pressure point massage is carried out on the neck & shoulder area to aid relaxation.


Aromatherapy Associates Hands On Facial Treatments

Rose Infinity Luxury Facial

Time / Price: 80 minutes -  £105

This ground breaking facial radically increases moisture levels and stimulates collagen production to achieve a long lasting, noticeable lift . A gentle, natural enzyme peel works to re-surface the skin leaving it illuminated. The end result is flawless, healthy, younger looking skin. 

Soothing Facial

Time / Price: 50 minutes - £79

A truly soothing and calming facial suitable for sensitive, irritated, and inflamed skin, helping to restore the skins defence system. A hydrating cleanse is followed by an instantly cooling serum to reduce any redness and inflammation while working to restore the skin’s natural barrier.

Men's Refinery Facial    

Time / price: 50 minutes - £79

A deeply cleansing and brightening facial, incorporating a deep cleanse, tone and mask application, pressure point facial massage with specific lymph drainage around the eye area helping to reduce puffiness. Skin is left looking clean and luminous.

Ultimate Aromatherapy Associates Facial

Time/price: 50 minutes - £79

A bespoke facial, designed to suit your individual skin needs. A combination of the finest pure essential oils and plant extracts are applied with specifically designed massage techniques, to restore and recondition the skin, leaving the complexion smooth and luminous.


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